Our Puppy Buying Checklist

There are some important questions to ask and things to do before considering buying a puppy and visiting breeders. The following should be considered:

  • Research the breeders that you are looking to visit, google them and get as much information on them as possible. Even look at their property on google earth.

  • Do not buy any puppy from a puppy farm. They should be raised in a home environment rather then a kennel.

  • Check for obvious signs of ill health, such as coughing, bald skin patches or discharge from the eyes.

  • Puppies should be alert and healthy and the facilities they are in must appear clean.

  • Ask if you will be able to see the puppies with their Mother and Father,  as a minimum, you should see the puppies with their mother.

  • Ask about vaccinations and micro-chipping and also what worming and flea treatments the puppies will have.

  • Ask whether they will be completing a puppy contract.  See RSPCA for an example contract https://puppycontract.rspca.org.uk/home

  • The breeder should be keen to find out about you and the kind of home you will be giving one of their puppies.

  • A good breeder is very happy to let you know all about their breeding experience and knowledge, so do ask the questions.

  • Ideally you should visit at least 2 or 3 different breeders before making your choice.

  • Check that the puppies have regular access to human contact, as well as have experienced every day environmental noises like hoovers and kids etc.

  • Ask what health testing they have had done and do.  (Mother and Father) See our Health testing page for more info.

  • Always ask if you can see the health test papers if you visit and obtain the vaccination and vet check records.